Rustic Treasures

We are a small family from Doncaster, England who have come to enjoy all things rustic, handmade and thrifty! In fact frugal living has really become a huge part of our day to day routines!

We have recently started to create items such as handmade jewellery, organic bodycare products and using logs we find from the ground to create various table decorations.

This blog has been created to show you what we have been making, our ideas, what we are up to in general and what inspires us - that little part of our life filled with rustic treasures.

Ask me anything you like...

When mild in the country and rustic treasures joined forces

What an amazing day was had at Woodsetts and a big thank you to everyone that visited our stall.  We had some amazing feedback and met some truly lovely people - had a great time. 

Firbeck next, this saturday (3rd December) so please get yourself there for some more crafty xmas shennigans!!!

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